Flexible schedule. The length of the individual lessons is 90 minutes, from once or twice per week to a minimum of two lessons per month in order to ensure consistency and effectiveness of your course.

Very personal approach. For the best monitoring of the qualities and needs of the student.

Learn basic musical theory and music notation in an easy way while playing the instrument.

Classical technique training and marimba, vibraphone 2 & 4 mallets technique. Develop and master your technique working with rudiments and etudes designed to bring dexterity to your hands.

Coaching for Conservatoire auditions. If your dream is to study at a big conservatoire and you need preparation, we can help you to succeed.

Free trial lesson! A fun and totally free way to get acquainted with the most beautiful instrument in the world: percussion.

PRICE: €45 per lesson. This includes 1 hour of lesson and 1 hour of practice in our studio.