Terms and Conditions – Drum Lessons Groningen 2019

Private Lessons

1. The teacher provides a weekly/biweekly individual music lesson of 60 minutes, day and time to be agreed.

2. The tuition fee is €30 per lesson. Price includes BTW.

3. The minimum amount of lessons per month is 2.

4. The student must pay the tuition fee by the end of the month, within 15 days of receiving the invoice.

5. The lesson weeks and the payment are spread over a period of 11 months (September through July).

6. If the student does not make use of an agreed lesson, the lesson can be taken at another time only if the student cancels the lesson 24 hours in advance. The lesson will be charged if student doesn't cancel on time.

7. In case of illness of the teacher, he will reschedule the lesson.

8. The student must bring the material needed for the lesson. This is drumsticks and textbooks.

9. By signing the Contract Agreement for Private Lessons, the student automatically gets discount in the services and workshops of Drum Lessons Groningen.

10. Termination of the agreement by the teacher or pupil must be done in writing, taking into account a period that includes the current lesson month plus one additional lesson month. During this period the student is entitled to the lessons and remains liable for the tuition fee.

11. Absentism longer than 45 days will result in the termination of the agreement with a penalty fee of €90.

Free trial lessons

1. The teacher provides a free trial lesson of 60 minutes, day and time to be agreed.

2. Every free trial lessons is an official appointment. If the customer does not make use of an agreed free trial lesson, this free trial lesson can be taken at another time only if the customer cancels 24 hours in advance. If this is not the case, the lesson will be considered done, loosing the opportunity for a free trial lesson.

3. Customers don't need to bring their material for the free trial lesson (drumsticks and textbooks).

Studio Booking

1. Availability: Mondays to Fridays: from 09:00 to 21:30. Saturdays and Sundays: from 09:00 to 18:00. The use of the studio is intended for the drum practice of the LESSEE, limited to one person at a time. Please, mind that the building closes at 22:00.

2. Booking: Online reservations of the studio 2.46, located at Travertijnstraat 12 9743SZ Groningen, will be made via Google Calendar app (invitation via email). LESSEE must choose the practice hours respecting the times booked in advance by LESSOR and other lessees for their own practice, lessons and other activities. The minimum booking period is 1 hour and the maximum is 3 hours per day per person.

3. Access: In order to enter the building, LESSEE makes use of the intercom located left side of the main door. In order to enter the studio 2.46, LESSEE makes use of the small security box attached to the door, where there is a copy of the studio key (instructions via email once the contract agreement is received). This key cannot be taken out of the building, copied or shared with third parties. The LESSEE is responsible for the studio key during the practice and obliged to lock the studio properly when leaving.

4. Material: The LESSEE needs to bring his/her own drumsticks and books for the practice. The LESSEE can make use of the following material:

-Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club Drum set and hardware (white chocolate color)
-Pearl Masters Premium Drum set and hardware (navy blue sparkle color)
-Zildjian ZHT cymbal set. (No other cymbals are allowed to use)
-PA system (Mind the volume of the music)
-Behringer headphones (2 pairs)
-Marimba Adams Robert van Size (5 octaves)*
-Vibraphone Yamaha YV3710 (3 octaves)*
-Coffee machine, water cooker, microwave, fridge and living room area. 
* Not for drummers

5. Use: The LESSEE agrees to make a responsible use of the studio, leaving it clean and organized as the LESSEE found it. LESSEE must keep closed the windows of the studio while playing. It is forbidden for the LESSEE to tune of the drum sets.

6. Payment: Payment by the end of each month. Students from USVA have 7 hours of practice for free during the course period.

7. Liability: LESSOR is not responsible for any injuries or lost/stolen property. LESSEE agrees to exercise all due care in keeping, caring for, and preserving the facility and instruments. LESSEE is financially liable for all losses or damages to facility, instruments, equipment & furnishings.

8. Termination: LESSOR reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. LESSEE must comply with termination and will remain obligated to pay any remaining balance and costs accrued through rental period.