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Wheter you have experience or have never held a pair of sticks,  it’s never too late to take your skills to the next level!


Since 2022, Drum Lessons Groningen joined forces with the music school Muziekhuis050, to provide the best music education in the city of Groningen. As a student of this school, you can receive private 1 on 1 lessons and also schedule your own practice sessions at our building. The lessons take place in a fully equiped studio, a very comfortable environment where to develop your drumming skills.




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Customised Lessons

Everyone has different skill sets and goals. The lessons are 1 hour long and they will suit your necessities and demands.

Flexible Scheduling

With a minimum of 2 sessions a month, the school offers many schedulling options for your private lessons and practice sessions.

Practice Booking

Our students can book online their own  individual drum practice at our building. Register for lessons and enjoy this feature FOR FREE

The Teacher

Marco Díaz is a Spanish classical and electronic percussionist based in the Netherlands. He started playing music at the early age of eight and began his Classical Percussion studies in Lugo (Spain), with Efraím Díaz, Javier Gómez and Diego Ventoso as his teachers. In 2014, Marco obtained the Bachelor Degree at Conservatorio del Principado de Asturias in Oviedo (Spain) with teacher Julio Sánchez-Andrade Fernández. In 2017, Marco carried out a Master’s Degree in Classical Music, where he had lessons with teachers Mihaly Kaszas, Joeke Hoekstra, Luuk Nagtegaal and Tatiana Koleva at the Prince Claus Conservatoire. Marco plays a wide range of musical styles, performing and collaborating with classical and contemporary ensembles and modern music bands. He also shares his passion for the percussion world by teaching at Drum Lesson Groningen, USVA-Cultureel Studenten Centrum and Muziekhuis050.

Your Opinion Matters

“Would highly recommend Marco as a drum teacher. His professional yet flexible and positive approach works really well with kids and adults alike. I have been coming here for almost three years now with my son (10) and the drum lessons definitely are one of the highlights of his week.”

Dajo Hein

“Very nice spacious place. It has well sounding instruments, as well as variety of instruments. The place is calm and gives pleasant atmosphere for practice. The room is easy to book and the people- responsive and helpful. I recommend.”

Kalina Vladovska

“Marco has been a great teacher. I really appreciate how he structures the lessons, i.e. a good combination of fun, teaching proper technique, and throughly answering any questions I have. Aside from the lessons, he also provides plenty of opportunity to gain experience in playing in front of other people, partake is small projects, etc.
Won’t see myself quitting anytime soon!”

Thijmen Dam

“Marco is a really great teacher with a very musical approach to the drums. I’m an intermediate drummer but every lesson I learn something new. Write down everything you learn to take this into your own drumming! The studio is a great room with quality equipment and can be booked for practice. If you just starting or an experienced drummer this a very great place to take your skills to the next level. Thanks Marco!”

Jeroen Lammerts


PHONE NUMBER +31 6 53 68 30 12


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