The Cajon is a versatile percussion instrument often referred to as “A drum kit in a box”. This instrument is becoming more widely used in many musical settings from Flamenco and Rumba to Pop and Folk music. The Cajon is still widely undiscovered and these pioneering lessons are the perfect introduction to this accesible and inspirational instrument. We use instruments by Luthier Vicente Casto, a gifted cajon and guitar artisan from Huelva (Spain). We use his amazing cajons in our lessons and workshops, although you are welcome to bring your own cajon if you wish.


Flexible schedule. The length of the individual lessons is 45 minutes, from once or twice per week to a minimum of two lessons per month in order to ensure consistency and effectiveness of your course.

Very personal approach. For the best monitoring of the qualities and needs of the student, lessons are performed in 1 on 1 situation (two cajons).

Learn basic musical theory and music notation in an easy way while playing the instrument.

Modern cajon styles, rhythms and techniques. Flamenco, Funk, Pop, Rock, R&B and more. Play your favorite songs on the cajon and discover new music styles while working on your hearing and improvisation skills. Any kinds sof requests are welcome.

Free trial lesson! A fun and totally free way to get acquainted with the instrument.

PRICE: €25 per lesson.