"My name is Marco Díaz. I'm a percussionist and drummer from Spain based in Groningen since 2014. As percussionist I have been trained musically and technically in many different styles, covering from classical music to contemporary music as well as electronic music. I see the percussion world as a playground with a lot of instruments with unique sounds and endless rhythmic possibilities. As drummer I have got stage and studio experiences in several occasions. My working experience as percussion and music theory instructor during the last 10 years in Spain and the Netherlands, next to my passion and need for sharing my experience with the drumset and the percussion world are the reasons why I created Drum Lessons Groningen."

"My biggest pleasure is to see the musical growth of each individual student. As teacher, my ultimate goal is to give students all the tools needed so they can start experimenting for themselves. I like to get to know the background and musical taste of each of them in order to provide tailor made lessons. I strongly believe in the importance of having a good technique and posture at any level, as well as following a balanced practice routine. Drumming is addictive, once you start you will listen to music with another approach."